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Latest news:

  • Beta 17 will be out soon. So what's new ? Few things:
    1. Some code improvements have been made to plugins;
    2. New type Odb: MediaNET's object database file type!
    3. CMp3 and COgg now display the image cover of the CD ( if available );
    4. I18N ( internationalization ) is now working, see screenshot!
    5. That's all :D
    Sat, 06 Mar @ 12:26+1, LXS
  • Beta 16 is out and I've released it to public, more infos on GnomeFiles.org. I've been busy this liast couple of weeks and MediaNET is quite stuck actually. I have some problems with System.Diagnostics.Process, and I really consider the fact that the application could be dedicated to Linux only. I've not made my mind about it but using GStreamer's bindings could make things easy, and then we would just need to wait the release of gst-sharp for Windows...
    This week I'll try to enhance the GUI, adding some cool button, but I'm not good at that :) . If there is some people who want to help a bit and wrote user documentation, that would be cool too !
    Thu, 03 Mar @ 20:37+1, LXS

  • Beta 14 is currently under heavy development. Have been added the XML Collection generator, and a buggy feature which allow to play everyfile currently displayed into the main list view. I need to think about the cleverest way to handle the HTML collection generator, and for this I'll need for sure a good template file :/
    Thanks here goes to spyd which made me a cool logo (not displayed but will be).
    Mon, 21 Feb @ 14:37+1, LXS

  • Well first news, MediaNET web site is officially opened! Today I've tested MediaNET beta 12 under Windows and it worked like a charm. So I've decided to make a small website about it.
    A couple of bugs still remains but 99% of current projet is working under Windows as good as it worked under Linux so far. At the moment, few plugins are created ( Ogg,Mp3,Avi, Jpg, Png, Bmp ), and only 2 or 3 are finished ( Jpg,Png,Bmp, but it's almost the same plugins... :)) First release will be out soon, I first need to figure out how the SF distrib system is working, and I'll make two packages: MediaNET and MediaNET-src.
    Last thing I wanted to say, it's that the website is in plain HTML, no RSS feed, no flashy PHP, first cause I'm too lazy to put my hand in php code right now, and second, cause I don't want to stay for too long coding PHP ( any volunteer? :p )
    Sat, 12 Feb @ 21:38+1, LXS

What is MediaNET?

        It's a free software media manager written in C#, using GTK#. MediaNET runs on both Linux and Windows via the Mono effort ( Portable.Net should work too ), and could handle any type you want, as long as you have the right plugin. Media types could be wide-known mp3, jpg, and avi, but also virtual types: the best example is the odb file handling       ( odb for object database it implements ), which represents a collection.

Let's see a screenshot:
Screenshost from MediaNET